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The Foundation held its Annual General Meeting in conjunction with the Clan Donald USA AGM in Kalispell, MT. Much was accomplished during this AGM to promote the Foundation and its presence.

On Wednesday of the AGM, two busloads of attendees visited the Flathead Indian Reservation, where we visited St. Ignatius Mission that served the Indians of the reservation. We then visited the site of Fort Connah, established by Angus McDonald of the Hudson Bay Company. This was the site of the HBC trading post presence in the area. Angus and his wife Catherine and their 13 children settled in this area. Fort Connah is the oldest surviving wooden structure in Montana. The Foundation had previously approved a grant of $6,000.00 to the Fort Connah Restoration Society to rebuild the fireplace and chimney in the structure. The bricks would be made in the old hand made adobe method of clay and straw. The Foundation agreed to continue to support the restoration by offering fireplace bricks for sale to members of Clan Donald USA. For a $100 donation to the Foundation, a brick may be purchased in your name which will be shown on a plaque in at Fort Connah. The form for this and instructions will be placed on the Clan Donald website.

Leo Harteis, the stone mason for the project is also a well-known artisan of Native American Jewelry and a photographer. He has offered some of his work in exchange for a donation to the Fort Connah Restoration Society through the Clan Donald Foundation. I will place pictures and suggested values on the clan website.

During the visit, I, as President of the Foundation, made a presentation to Joe and Wyman McDonald, great grandsons of Angus and Catherine and the Foundation’s desire to establish a relationship between the Foundation and the Restoration Society. The reception we received was heartwarming. The Native American McDonalds and members of the community could not have been more sincere in their greeting to us European descended MacDonalds. It was evident that we had laid a foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Jim and Hester McDonald, along with my wife, Maureen and myself met with Dr. Joe McDonald and Fred Noel, Library Director for the Salish Kootenai College for discussion to have a Clan Donald Reference Library incorporated to the college’s library. Discussion was positive and steps are being taken to establish such a library there for individuals wishing to research their MacDonald heritage.

The Foundation held its business meeting on Friday 16, September 2016 at the Hilton Garden Inn. The following is a snapshot of the business conducted during this time. Validation of email vote to grant $27,000 to the Clan Donald Lands Trust in Scotland. Funds are to be used towards architect’s fees to study the feasibility of restoring Armadale Castle into a viable structure to house rental suites, offices and museum.

Voted to approve funding for the CDUSA Scholarship Recipients that were awarded by the Board of Clan Donald USA, Inc. $11,000.00 was granted for the scholarships.

Majbritt Murdock submitted her resignation as a member of the Foundation Board effective 31 December, 2016. She was thanked for her years of service to the Foundation and Clan Donald and voted to Director Emeritus status.

John F. McDonald, Chair of the Nominating Committee presented a slate of officers and elections were held. The new officers and director were elected to begin 1 January, 2017. The new officers are:

President: David F. Macdonald of Castle Camus
Vice President: Mark MacDonald, Esquire
Secretary: Bonnie Thompson
Treasurer: Dave Hill
Director: Karen MacDonald Rosenthal

John Gillis, Esq., Chancellor of the Foundation presented a comprehensive revision to the existing Foundation By-Laws. The revisions streamlined our By-Laws and made sure the Foundation was in compliance with the laws of Delaware concerning corporations. One of the major revisions was to set term limits on officers and directors whereby directors will rotate on and off the Board giving more individuals the opportunity to serve on the Foundation. Revised By-laws passed with a minimum of comment.

Non-cash contributions to the Foundation was discussed and how the gift is valued. Since there are a number of Clan Donald members who serve both on the CDUSA Board of Directors and the Clan Donald Foundation Board of Directors, there was concern on how this could appear to the IRS and other regulatory agencies.

John Gillis and Dave Hill worked to prepare a Conflict of Interest Policy to be agreed to and signed by all Officers and Board Members of both entities. Clan Donald USA, Inc. and Clan Donald Foundation, Inc. are two distinct and separate corporations with different purposes and different IRS classifications. This policy was adopted unanimously.

Fundraising for the Foundation was addressed. Dave Hill was charged with presenting a plan whereby funds can benefit the Foundation when Clan Donald members purchase everyday items. More information will be forthcoming.

The Foundation also agreed to implement a plan whereby many of the Clan Donald books owned by the Foundation and Clan Donald USA will be offered for sale. Work is being done to implement this plan and more information will be forthcoming. Keep checking the Clan Donald Foundation website.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish to thank those who contributed to the Foundation, and for your continued support.

With every good wish,

Bill McDaniel