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The Foundation was honored to have Lord & Lady Macdonald as our guests for our luncheon meeting and to hear remarks from our High Chief.

David F. Macdonald of Castle Camus was confimed to the office of Vice President to replace Edd MacDonald, who had resigned due to personal matters. Ron Coutts was also confirmed as a member of the Board of Directors. Dave Hill, CDUSA Treasurer, and Donald W. McDonald, San Francisco-based Bridge and Structure Architect, were elected to the Board of Directors. Lloyd Craighill and Edd MacDonald both had submitted their resignations from the Board, and were granted Director Emeritus status.

The Board voted in favor of funding the Scholarships approved by the Clan Donald USA Board of Directors. Ms. Erin Park of Phoenixville PA was awarded the CDUSA Academic Scholarship in the amount of $5,000.00.

The Audie Gammon Scholarship was awarded to Mr. Mark Squires Spence Augustine from Stansbury Park UT. This scholarship was for $500.00.

The Board also funded several grant requests. The first being a $5000.00 grant to the Fort Connah Restoration Society in Charlo, MT, to assist in refurbishing the original building. Fort Connah was the trading post established by Angus McDonald for the Hudson Bay Trading Company. The building is the oldest wooden structure still standing in the state of Montana. The grant will be used to kiln adobe bricks for the fireplace and chimney. A visit to Fort Connah will be one of the highlights of the 2016 AGM in Kalispell, Montana in September of 2016.

A $1000.00 grant was awarded to the Glencoe Heritage Trust in Scotland for the cleaning and repairs to the Glencoe Memorial Cross in Glencoe, Scotland. The original monument was a project of the late Ellice McDonald, Past High Commissioner, CDUSA, and benefactor.

A grant request to purchase a granite memorial stone at the site of the Battle of Savannah was approved in the amount of $1779.00 was approved. The site of the battle is where the British were defending the Spring Hill Redoubt. Americans and French soldiers were the attackers. After the battle, the two delegations met. Two McDonald brothers, who had not seen each other for years and were on opposing sides, met on the battlefield. Lt. Col. Alexander McDonald, commander of the British forces, met his brother, Charles McDonald, who was an Aide Du Camp to the French General. The brothers continued the war in their respective units.

Chancellor John Gillis has been charged with reviewing the by-laws of the Foundation to update and streamline the operations of the Foundation. One major change the Foundation is working on is to set term limits for Board Members, so that there will be a rotation of Board members. This is an effort to bring new blood and ideas into the Foundation.

John F. McDonald, Majbritt Murdock and Forrest Lee Piver were appointed as a nominating committee to present a slate of officers at the 2016 AGM. My term as President of the Foundation will expire at the end of 2016, as does Al Manning's term as Treasurer.

The Foundation conducted a very productive workshop on Saturday morning at the 2015 AGM. Many of those in attendance had a new insight to the purpose of the Foundation and how it relates to Clan Donald USA. Many excellent questions were asked, and in-depth conversations were held.

Financially, the Foundation had a fair year in 2014. The Foundation received $6,055.00 in contributions. We had total assets of $75,204.28 including cash and stocks.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish to thank those who contributed to the Foundation, and for your continued support.

With every good wish,

Bill McDaniel